Acumen Aquatics & Vivaria
'Canberra's best in Aquarium, Vivarium, Terrarium & Natural Art'

'Art through science' -  AA&V is founded & operated by biologist turned artist Lea (BSc., Hons. First Class, MPhil; WWVP).

  1. Tiger barb planted aquarium
  2. Zen garden planted aquarium
  3. Garden planted aquarium
  4. Blue bird and mushroom ivy pot
  5. Suiseki with polished ammonite in Asian bowl
  6. R2D2 on Dagobah
  7. Mini skull planters
  8. R2D2 explores Dagobah
  9. Alabaster llama in succulent landscape
  10. Minecraft mini landscapes in stoneware
  11. Wild flower & gemstone dried necklace pendants
  12. Army men vs succulents
  13. Bridal table fern and fossil garden in antique crystal
  14. Water terrarium carafe
  15. White cow antique jug with ivy
  16. Marine reef aquarium (LPS corals)
  17. Fairy garden in half barrel with water pond
  18. Dried flower bottle arrangement with vintage sheet music origami
  19. Jack and the bean-stalk
  20. Skull terrarium with airplant and insects
  21. Miniature bottle terrariums
  22. Water dish garden with carnivorous plant and boatmen
  23. Title 26
  24. Glass bowl with giant African violet and wrecked car miniatures
  25. Cobalt blue veil-tail betta
  26. Dancing Gerbra
Aquarium & Pond
Terrarium & Vivarium
Natural Art
As a professional botanist, utmost care, craftmanship & attention to detail is used to create living or preserved landscapes for a range of works - from large specialised animal/insect enclosures to customised gifts in recycled/upcycled, re-purposed, vintage, modern & unusual containers.
For something truly unique, explore the art created using preserved natual materials, and inspired by a wide array of art styles and forms - including suiseki, dried ikebana, framed botanicals, sculpture and more.
We use the latest research and techniques to provide the best in aquatic plant and animal husbandry, while using design to create vibrant displays of life.