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'Art through science' -  AA&V is founded & operated by biologist turned artist Lea (BSc., Hons. First Class, MPhil; WWVP).

Terrariums, Planted Landscapes  & Unique Planters
Browse the gallery below for a selection of creations past including terrariums, bonsai/penjing, planted landscapes, & unique/vintage/recycled/up-cycled planters matched to plants which thrive within them using specialised techniques. From tiny sustainable miniature ecosystems to large event decor - we can create & customise your perfect living feature.
  1. 'Flight over Naboo'
    'Flight over Naboo'
    Starship with local mosses, lichens, airplants and twig arrangement - vintage hex glass corked canister.
  2. Succulent desert with alabaster lllama
    Succulent desert with alabaster lllama
    Succulents, airplant, bark, twig and stone arrangement with vintage alabaster llama - Recycled cube glass planter.
  3. Cattle and the Ivy
    Cattle and the Ivy
    English Ivy & old ribbon detail - vintage milk jug planter.
  4. 'Troopers on the hunt'
    'Troopers on the hunt'
    Troopers hunting their bounty in an alien garden with succulents, cactai, crystals & stone - vintage heavy-base glass canister.
  5. Skull shots
    Skull shots
    Succulent and hand-crushed amythest crystal 'brains' - miniature recycled shot-glass skulls.
  6. 'Water in the wine decanter'
    'Water in the wine decanter'
    Water terrarium with 'Lucky Bamboo', assorted floating plants, gnarled ornamental twig pieces and river stone base, with special additives to encourage clear water and strong growth - in quality crystal wine decanter.
  7. Orb with fossil
    Orb with fossil
    Hanging terrarium with succulents & fossil feature - hanging glass orb.
  8. 'Little moss forest fairy'
    'Little moss forest fairy'
    Moss and lichen terrarium with ceramic painted green child fairy ornament, - small hanging glass pear.
  9. 'Jack and the beanstalk'
    'Jack and the beanstalk'
    Story-time terrarium with 'Magic bean' plant, live moss garden with wood and rock details, with garden path and ceramic hand-pained cottage in large re-purposed glass vase.
  10. Modern 'Magic Bean' and fossil pair
    Modern 'Magic Bean' and fossil pair
    Modern style terrarium with 'Magic bean' plant, white gravel and real ammonite fossils in medium glass vase.
  11. Leaping dolphin in miniture moss cove
    Leaping dolphin in miniture moss cove
    Silver dolphin hanging charm, blue fixed gravel, miniature stone work and live moss hill - 5ml glass corked bottle.
  12. Miniature pond and church-yard bottles
    Miniature pond and church-yard bottles
    Miniature live pond plants and twig arrangement (Left) and moss-filled church-yard with tiny stepping stones & silver vintage church charm - 5ml glass corked bottles.
  13. 'We need back-up'
    'We need back-up'
    Army soldier and succulent terrarium with stone arrangement and modern black and white gravel and ribbon details - medium glass cube jar.
  14. 'Poor Yorick'
    'Poor Yorick'
    Air plant and tortured willow twig arrangement, with crawling insect ornament (front view), in corked glass skull bottle.
  15. 'R2D2 at Dagobah'
    'R2D2 at Dagobah'
    Designed with moisture-loving moss and lichen cultivars and specially treated interior glass to hold condensation drops, simulating rain and mist, with separate treated front area for clear viewing. With 'alien trees', dark path and black stone details. Sealed In medium recycled hinged jar.
  16. 'Feeding the reindeer'
    'Feeding the reindeer'
    Xmas themed terrarium with live moss, pine cone and rock arrangement, and Santa Claus and reindeer ornaments, in medium recycled cork-lidded glass jar.
  17. Bridal table rainforest arrangement
    Bridal table rainforest arrangement
    Rainforest and moisture loving plants with polished fossil pair - antique crystal bowl .
  18. Blue bird garden
    Blue bird garden
    With hand-painted figures & English Ivy - vintage stone-ware pot.
  19. Modern bowl planter and fossil
    Modern bowl planter and fossil
    Silver veined aluminium plant with polished ammonite fossil - recycled glass bowl.
  20. Asian garden in recycled glass bowl
    Asian garden in recycled glass bowl
    With assorted bog plants, mosses, white fine gravel path and ceramic pagoda, arbour and bamboo bridge ornaments.
  21. Giant light bulb water terrarium
    Giant light bulb water terrarium
    Floating plants produce an array of tiny oxygen bubbles which sparkle under light, any decaying leaves feed new growth in a sustained cycle. With additives to ensure growth, twisted twigs and river pebble details.
  22. 'Audrey' carnivore in a jar
    'Audrey' carnivore in a jar
    Venus fly-trap plant with twig and insect figure details - skull & cross-bone black decal jar.
  23. Cactai sundae
    Cactai sundae
    Slow-growing cactus with quartz-stone and coloured pebble 'ice-cream & sprinkles', with wooden spoon and cherry on top - vintage sundae glass.
  24. Bromeliad art-cup
    Bromeliad art-cup
    Dwarf bromeliad plant, twigs, seed pod cones in hand-made glass mosaic cup.
  25. 'Wind-swept ridge'
    'Wind-swept ridge'
    'Wind swept' trained pot-belly fig (3yrs in training), with local basalt rock and moss - earthenware bonsai pot.
  26. Hanging herb drop terrarium
    Hanging herb drop terrarium
    Hanging herb glass drop terrarium with hardy thyme training from openings. More pruning for home cooking encourages more and bushier growth. Hanging on sale, image via Honkeytonks Night market.
  27. Old-fashioned philodendron pot.
    Old-fashioned philodendron pot.
    Trained small sprawling philodendron - paired with vintage claw-footed brass pot, cleaned with patina preserved.
  28. Modern airplant tall jar
    Modern airplant tall jar
    Elegant airplant variety paired with arrangements of bark, seed pod cones, stone and dark substrate - tall sealed glass candy jar.
  29. Cacta-bunny
    Golden torch cactus, very slow growing - paired in vintage 'Avon' hand-painted rabbit planter.
  30. Dinosaur trails
    Dinosaur trails
    Vintage dinosaur toy trekking though bark, twig, seed pod and rock undergrowth, with assorted short airplants - small glass bowl
  31. 'Sailing under the Sundew' - small water garden
    'Sailing under the Sundew' - small water garden
    Carnivorous sundew bog-plant on embankment of miniature pond, full of floating Lemna & Azolla sp., with 'floating' Asian-style boat and hand-made figures.
  32. Fantasy garden and mini-pond in half-barrel
    Fantasy garden and mini-pond in half-barrel
    Small flowering and foliage plants, including herbs, in a tiny garden with fantasy figures including dragons, treasure, lady bugs, fairies, mermaids and other creatures. Pond within created from recycled durable plastic container shaped into lagoon, with Nardoo plants and floating Azolla sp - set in vintage half-barrel.
  33. Dragon's hoard
    Dragon's hoard
    Metallic painted dragon guarding matching bright purple/mauve amethyst crystals beneath trailing English Ivy - within hanging open jar.
  34. Herb & fossil bowl
    Herb & fossil bowl
    Basil and mint kitchen terrarium - as the plants are pruned for dishes, more bushy growth is encouraged. With local basalt rock slabs, mountain lichen on twigs, airplant, and polished crinoid stem and ammonite fossils.
  35. Easter Gift - Succulent train & bunny
    Easter Gift - Succulent train & bunny
    Vintage ceramic train planter with succulent varieties, twigs, lichen and white rabbit miniature (removable for year-round enjoyment).
  36. Easter Gift - Airplant & bunny mini jar
    Easter Gift - Airplant & bunny mini jar
    Small airplant and miniature white rabbit figurine arrangement - within a small glass tin-lid jar finished with rustic twine.
  37. Easter Gift - Antique Kettle with Ivy
    Easter Gift - Antique Kettle with Ivy
    Antique kettle with English Ivy 'steam', twig and Snowy Mtns lichen arrangement, and miniature white bunny for the Easter holiday (removable for year-round enjoyment).
  38. Easter Gift - 'Follow the white rabbit'
    Easter Gift - 'Follow the white rabbit'
    White rabbit and chick miniatures set in a garden of various succulents with the same care needs for long term growing success. With Snowy Mtn lichens and crystal rocks - set in vintage rare blue glass bowl.